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Igniting authentic conversation. 


Creating a space for people to authentically connect. We bring people together through honest, raw experiences, to remind one another that our struggles are shared and we are never alone.


IOIKT began as a platform to share experiences, lessons, hardships, and overall feelings of "if only I knew then" to empower others to be vulnerable, to accept their own mistakes, to learn from the experiences of others, and to be open and honest in an environment free of judgement. As the platform has evolved, a small community has also grown. In trying times, moving through economic, social, psychological, political, and physical fears, it has become evident that we all seek to be there for one another and to be understood. We want to protect, to forgive, to empower, and to educate one another, and we're all just looking for the right vessel. Maybe this can be a vessel. Maybe our small community can become something bigger.

Are you masking emotions to avoid burdening others?

Do you question if your relationships are serving you?

Are you scared to speak out in times of social injustice?

Are you struggling to find a career path that feels right?

Do you feel trapped in your own thoughts?


The reality is that most of us have been there. Do we talk about it? Not much. But why not? We're here to do it. It will be our mission to create the resources, the events, the conversations, the community, to show you that we all have been and are going through it. We will get you the right people, the diverse perspectives, and the zero judgement answers to those hard and uncomfortable questions. We're here for you, you're here for us, let's get this thing moving.

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