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Meg's Top 5 2020 Podcast Listens

Meg here, sharing my top 5 podcast episodes of last year… and it’s March. Haha, give me a break, I’m playing catch up and I wrote most of this in December :)

I am a multi-tasker, so I love podcasts, particularly interviews, and those relating to body and mind. I probably listen to 2-3 a day, though I often end them early and/or skip around...thank goodness I live alone! 2020 was a weird year, so I found myself listening to even more episodes and trying out new hosts. Below I share some of my favorite listens of the year, and why:

Tim Ferriss, The Tim Ferriss Show: Interview with Jack Kornfield- How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos

Two of my favorites in one episode. My ex husband introduced to me Jack’s work during our divorce and I think we both really ended up benefiting from it. Come to think of it, my ex also introduced me to Tim Ferriss; his podcast is 100% one to follow if you’re into self improvement and bio-hacks. This interview pulled me back to center when isolation seemed to be carrying my mind away.

Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness: Interview with Shawn Stevenson- How to Upgrade Your Brain, Boost Metabolism, Maximize Hormones & “Burn” Body Fat

I wish I could force all of my family and friends to listen to this podcast. I love Shawn’s 360 approach to the relationship between nutrition and brain health. I’ve listened to this episode more times than I can try to recall.

Dax Shepard & Monica Padman, Armchair Expert: Interview with Glennon Doyle

I reference Glennon quite a lot, and hopefully you’ve already heard of her. Her book, Untamed, brought meaning to so much of what I was feeling in my last relationship and she has inspired me to continue to stay true to myself, even when my decisions are not conventional.

Blake Griffin, The Pursuit of Healthiness: Interview with Deepak Chopra

This is another episode I listen to on repeat. Deepak is such an enigma to me, but I do love a lot of the practices he preaches. This particular episode is an awesome one when you’re in need of a reset.

Jay Shetty, On Purpose: Interview with John and Julie Gottman- Dating, Finding the Perfect Partner & Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

John and Julie Gottman are two of my favorites in the world of psychology and in particular relationship health. Their perspective on compatibility is an eye-opener. We’re so often under the impression we need someone with our exact same hobbies, passions, past experiences, but they dive into what they’ve found to really result in strong partnerships.

That's it! Hope you find some of these interesting and definitely hit me up on what you think!

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