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A Welcome Note from Meg

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Thank you for following, now here is a quick message from our founder.

Welcome friends, old and new, to ioikt...if only I knew then.

I originally created our Instagram a couple of years ago, when I was feeling a lot of pressure to be a certain way and was needing an escape. No matter how aware I was of its potential toxicity, it was so easy to keep coming back to social media, and I wanted to create a space of connectivity, rather than comparison.

With the foundation of this new organization and the involvement of the lovely ladies who have agreed to come on board to build this, we are going to stay true to that mindset as we grow. We hope to give you a real, authentic platform to come to when you need a reminder that there is no right or wrong way, no perfect ideal. We’ll continue to build content for this site, organize some incredible (virtual for now) events, and share to our various social media accounts the stories we all need. It will be our day-to-day goal to bring you back to the power of being present, letting feelings in and out, recognizing your truth, and acknowledging that we are all going through it all, in our own ways, together.

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